Philips DVDR1000 DVD Recorder DVD Players

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Imagine being able to record from TV or digital camera directly on to a DVD. Imagine the possibilities: digital quality never degrades. Precious memories captured on digital video at the touch of a button. With the introduction of Philips Recordable DVD, the possibility is a reality with Dolby Digital Sound. Finding your recordings has never been so easy. No winding, no waiting. Scroll up and down, select your recording and play. Here's the basics: Recordable DVD is a DVD with a Record Button. High quality video and audio recorded onto a DVD. Sounds great? Sure! But what if you want to play a recorded disc on an older DVD? Philips Recordable DVD bridges the gap between the past and the future.??With the introduction of Philips DVDR1000, the possibility of high quality video and audio recorded onto a DVD is a reality. The DVDR1000 records from any source, including DV cameras (IEEE1394). Discs are compatible with existing DVD Players ("Bare" discs). For the best quality audio recordings, this DVD recorder h...

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