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Product Image
JVC HR-XVC38B DVD Player / VCR Combo
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Description: Get the most out of your video collection. With the JVC HRXVC38B VCR-DVD combo you can play all your old VHS movies and home videos, along with your new DVDs. All in one handsome, high-performance machine made by a legendary manufacturer. This JVC VCR-DVD combo plays a great variety of formats (see complete compatibility list below) and features SQPB (S-VHS Quasi Playback) VHS Hi-FI stereo with MTS decoder and progressive scan output for high-resolution images. And you can dub directly from DVD to VHS! If you hate commercials, you'll love the JVC VCR-DVD combo ... its 30-second commercial skip makes it easy to zip through those irritating ads. HDMI digital output ensures lossless, noiseless images. 3D surround sound enriches your entertainment experience. Enjoy great video entertainment with the JVC HRXVC38B CCR-DVD combo.


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