Aiwa XD-DW1 Portable DVD Player with Screen DVD Players

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Product Description

Why limit yourself to watching movies at home? This portable DVD player works with a rechargeable battery and allows you to play DVD movies or CD recordings virtually anywhere. Extra-wide perspective Active-Matrix TFT Color screen offers exceptionally realistic color and sharpness that compliment the increase fidelity that DVD delivers. Located below the screen are the manual set-up, brightness, color and mode controls buttons. The mode control allows you to switch between screen aspect ratios: full screen, which displays 16 x 9 or widescreen; normal, which leaves left and right black borders; zoom, which enlarges the picture from the center point of the display to fill the screen; off, which is convenient if you hook the unit up to an exterior monitor. There is a composite video output, including RCA right and left audio outs, S-video and a headphone jack. Additionally, there is a digital audio out (optical), which makes this unit Dolby Digital and DTS compatible for those of you with a stand-alone decode...

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