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Klipsch KPT-535
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Description: THX®-Approved, the new KPT-535, with its 24-inch depth, allows for more real estate where it matters–in the auditorium. Embracing the concept of a three-way, direct radiated bass system in a behind-the-screen application, the KPT-535 utilizes the KPT-904/940-LF double, 15-inch, low frequency system. Reproducing the critical dialogue range is the new KPT-402 mid-bass Tractrix® Horn coupled to the Klipsch K-1133 two-inch-exit titanium compression driver. The high frequencies are easily handled by the KPT-Grand-HF-T Tractrix® Horn. The KPT-535 is available with or without a mid/high passive crossover.


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