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Infinity Systems TSS-1100 Speaker System
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Description: The Infinity TSS1100, six-piece, 5.1-channel speaker package will entice you into enjoying your favorite multichannel music and movies over and over again with realistic surround sound, deep, powerful bass, and crisp-sounding dialogue. The four SAT1100, 2-way satellite speakers (two front and two surround) each boast dual 3.5" midranges and a 0.75" tweeter while the voiced-matched center channel speaker features dual 3.5" midranges and a 0.75" tweeter for high-impact on-screen effects. TSS tweeters employ an acoustical waveguide to deliver a wider, more even high-frequency response. The bass is handled by a 12", 250-watt powered subwoofer, and every driver in the package incorporates Infinity's exclusive MMD transducer material technology. The satellites and center channel speakers are housed in high-style, brushed, extruded aluminum acoustic suspension enclosures inspired by Infinity's premium Prelude Series.


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