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Product Image
Yamaha DVX-C300 Theater System
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MSRP  340.00
Description: Yamaha DVXC300 900Watt 5-Disc Home Theater Package The DVXC300 5-disc carousel DVD changer gives you the benefits of extended playing time and direct selection from all discs. And with PlayXchange, you can change discs while the current one continues to play. The 5.1 channels (two front, center and two surround speakers plus subwoofer) each deliver 150W, for a total 900W of awesome power. From action movies to live rock, all your entertainment sources will sound spectacular. The amplifier in the DVXC300 has an advanced digital design. It's highly efficient, so it can be made smaller, and it delivers its power output with very low distortion. The DVXC300 uses CD Upsampling to raise the CD sampling rate for richer, more accurate sound reproduction. Once CD Upsampling is selected, it is automatically engaged whenever a CD is played.


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