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Product Image
Philips HS-500 Headphones
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  45.00
Description: Take a close look at Philips SBC HS500 lightweight headphone. It got style, class and performance to match. Try it on and notice how comfortable it feels. The super-lightweight neck-band and soft rubber ear-hooks are designed to give maximum comfort and a snug fit for your active lifestyle. And have you noticed the cable construction? That's the unique Pull-Relief System and it's designed to help protect the cord connection from any sharp pulling. It's when you connect it to your favorite music however and turn up the volume that the SBC HS500 really kicks into action. The innovative acoustic reflector system with its tiny perforations equalizes any pressure in the acoustic chamber so that the diaphragms can vibrate freely. The result is superb sound quality with powerful bass performance. Perfect for turning on and tuning in to today's music. At home, on the street, or wherever you go.


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