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Product Image
AKG Acoustics Hearo 888 Titan Wireless
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Description: - Integrated Dolby Surround Pro-Logic decoder and AKG IVA processor for a natural, spatial sonic perspective.<br>- Unique digital transmission system for minimal noise and CD level dynamic range features.<br>- Panorama selector for optimum matching of stereo base to every kind of music or TV/video program.<br>- 24-bit signal processing eliminates the need for Automatic Gain Control.<br>- Excellent hi-fi sound (20 to 24,000 Hz).<br>- Both transmitter and headphones use 18-bit, 44.1 kHz A/D converters.<br>- ACS Audio Coding System developed by AKG in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology specifically for wireless systems provides maximum digital audio quality with no delay between picture and sound.<br>- Bridged amplifier for powerful sound.<br>- 434 MHz (864 MHz as soon as allocated).<br>- Approx. 50 m (165 ft.) range.<br>- Several digital wireless headphones can be used with the same transmitter.<br>- High-capacity NiMh batteries for approx. 5 hours of listening to superb sound quality.<br>- Sensational price/performance ratio.


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