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Product Image
Koss Clipper Lightweight Headphones
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MSRP  23.00
Description: Designed for the active wearer, the KSC22 eliminates the need for a conventional headband by clipping easily and comfortably around the ear for a secure fit. Ultra-lightweight, they fit easily into any travel or workout schedule. Small enough to fit into a briefcase, knapsack or pocket, they include a see-through, compact, wind-up spool carrying case for easy storage and protection when not in use. Ideal for athletes who want lightweight mobility, the KSC22 sportclip stereophone utilizes a 16mm dynamic element that directs sound directly into the ear for deep bass performance from any sound reproduction. With a frequency response of 60-20, 000 Hz, the KSC22 features foam ear cushions that provide maximum comfort for extended listening.


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