Koss 225 Sports Headphones

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Product Description

Two pairs of ultra-lightweight Sportbuds earphones offer high sensitivity over a broad frequency range, making them the perfect accessory for portable and replacement earphone users. The dual portable stereophone unit includes a see-through, compact wind-up spool carrying case for easy storage and protection when not in use. A 4-foot straight cord and L-plug provide flexibility and reliability for active use.

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Anthem 225 Integrated Initial Impressions

I picked up the Anthem on Friday night and spent that night listening to some of my audition material on the Jolida. On Saturday morning, I began the task of taking the Jolida out and putting the Anthem into the mix. Neither of these amps are light by the way. I got the Anthem about 3/4's of the way ... Read More »

Selling McIntosh MX110 with 225

Selling both these units togeather. Here are some pictures if you are interested please let me know what you think. [url]http://www.travis.introbase.com/McIntosh/McIntosh.htm[/url]Read More »

Anyone use an H/K 225 out there??

Hi I'm wondering if anyone has an HK 225 out there, would like to talk to you about calibrating using the SPL button on the remote,, Thanks Dale MRead More »


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