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Pro Power Sleek Apple iPod Nano 5th Generation Hi-Fidelity Crystal Combo - Nylon Corded, Full Metal In-Ear Noi... Earphone / Headphone
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MSRP  25.00
Description: High Quality SONIC ALLOY Noise Isolation Earbuds. Included are 3 Customizable Ear Gels for a perfect IN-EAR Fit. Zone out into your own AUDIO WORLD! High Power Neodymium Components - These HIGH POWER Components produce POWERFUL BASS and Crystal Clear Treble Sound. Made to Last! Constructed with Durable Woven Nylon Cord to prevent fraying, snaps, bending, or cuts in the audio wire. A 3.5mm Gold-Plated Stereo Connector is accompanied by Non-Break Connecting Jacket so that you never have to worry about wear and tear on this High Quality Set of Earbuds. Works Great for ANY AUDIO ELECTRONIC Application! This?product is not affiliated with Apple, Inc. The terms iPod and iPhone are used for compatibility purposes only. iPhone and iPod trademarks are the property of Apple Inc.


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