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MSRP  12.00
Description: The JVC HA-S150 FLATS are stylish, compact headphones with a slim metallic headband and sleek, soft ear pads that rest on the ear. The earpieces pivot so that the headphone can lie flat, making them ideal for listeners who want a lightweight, easily packable headphone, but who prefer a headband/on-the-ear style. A 30mm Neodymium driver in each earpiece allows the headphones to deliver clear, crisp sound. And the soft ear pads further enhance sound quality by providing a seal against ambient sound. The headphones come with a four-foot (1.2m) cord and an iPhone -compatible plug. FEATURES Comfortable & secure fitting with lightweight stainless steel headband & soft ear pads Flat foldable design 6 color selection Cord with gold plated iPhone compatible plug SPECIFICATIONS Driver Unit: 1.18"(30mm) Magnet type: Neodymium Frequency Response: 12-23,000Hz Nominal Impedance: 32ohms Sensitivity: 105dB/1mW Max.


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