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AKG Acoustics K 172 HD
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Description: Designed specifically for monitoring audio sources in noisy environments, K 172 HD headphone combine all the sound-attenuating characteristics of a closed-back configuration with the comfort of an on-ear design. Lightweight and extremely rugged, with an self-adjusting band that can be worn over or behind the head, K 172 HD headphone is engineered to play loud and long with no sound leakage. AKG has been delivering the equipment movie and broadcasting professionals rely on for more than 60 years. K 172 HD continues the tradition. <ul> <li>On-ear, closed-back design</li> <li>Ultra-soft velvet earpads</li> <li>Loud and rugged, ideal for single-ear DJ use</li> <li>High-efficiency output</li> <li>Single-sided, 99.99% oxygen-free cable</li> </ul>


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