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Product Image
TEAC 8CM Mini CD-R MP3 Player
0 Reviews
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MSRP  130.63
Description: TEACs new Mini CD/ MP3 Player is a breakthrough in MP3 portability and convenience. It uses Mini CD-R media, making the unit small enough to fit in your pocket. Mini CD-R holds 3 hours of digital MP3 music, costs a fraction of flash memory, and best of all, records on your standard CD-R/RW drive. Portable MP3 player, plays 8cm Mini CDR media for up to 210 minutes MP3 music. 40 second anti shock, digital sound equalizer, and two AA batteries included for 7 hours of playback. Includes AC adapter, 1 blank mini CD, musicmatch jukebox software, and high end Sennheiser in ear earphones.


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