Monster Cable Clarity In-Ear Earphones

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Product Description

  • Angled Ear Pipes
  • Multiple SuperTips
  • ControlTalk Module
  • Right-Angle 3.5mm Plug

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A moment of clarity with RPTV. Literally.

OK, if you're pretty knowlegeable about RPTV's, this is going to be a major "Duh!" For me, it was a revalation as I'm a moron when it comes to video. So, my picture on the 'ol JVC LCoS has been getting more and more faded with blacks appearing closer to grey and edge definition turning into a va ... Read More »

advice, please! speakers under $600, looking for clarity not volume...

Hi everybody, Glad to see people here are so willing to help out newbies like myself. I've been with my Cambridge Soundworks Model Seventeens for six years now ([URL=" ... Read More »

Amps to audition for Martin Logan Clarity

I'm buying a pair of Martin Logan Clarity speakers. I have tried both integrated amps and 5.1 receivers in my price range and found the amps to be superior for music, which is my primary use case. I have auditioned Marantz pm7001 and Denon 697 and preferred the Marantz. My budget for the amp is $ ... Read More »

Request suggestion for speech clarity

I use an Onkyo 600 receiver with Cambridge Soundworks center speaker. The clarity of speech is great when TV Logic or another DSP is selected, but when watching a movie in Dolbe Digital, the speech clarity is noticeably reduced to the point that I have to increase the volume and listen carefully. It ... Read More »

Clarity/Seperation in a Box?

I realize that many aspects of comparing speakers are subjective, however some things, like the loudness of of the Klipschs, is pretty much agreed upon. Is there also a consensus of opinion on whether the Klipsch (Synergy III F-2) or the B&W (603S) have better seperation? Ultimately what I'm looking ... Read More »



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