Klipsch S3 In-Ear Earphones

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in titles description Store Categories Video Audio Appliances Electronics Computers Accessories Furniture Klipsch Image S3 In-ear Image series headphones Pink Description Get the most from your portable audio with Klipsch's Image S3 headphones. Utilizing a moving coil micro speaker to produce and incredible range of sound while their patented oval ear tips provide a comfortable fit to isolate outside noise and enhance bass.

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dynaud.contour s3.4 vs dali helicon mk2

Hi Everybody, In the process of upgrading my whole system. I wanted to see which of these speakers would be a better match for my Vincent cd s6 mk (tube player) & Vincent Integrated sv 236 mk (hybrid). I am also considering the Devore Super Gibbon 8. Any insight would be apprec ... Read More »

B&W DM604 S3 - 22W x 2 class A tube amplifier good enough to drive them?

Want to upgrade to B&W DM 604 S3 speakers. Currently using 22W x 2 Class A tube amplifier and was told that better matching speakers with high sensitivity, Any advice to me please?Read More »

Lost S3 is out on Tuesday

Who's buying it next week and who's waiting to see if Santa delivers it? I'm undecided.Read More »

Having Trouble locating B&W DM603 or 604 S3

I currently have B&W DM604 S3 as my fronts and put off getting any rears. Now am trying to find some 604s or 603s as rears and I can't. I found a pair of beat up 603 floor models at Ken Cranes but I hate beat up equipment. I am in Southern California but don't mind paying shipping either. Anyone ... Read More »

B&W 604 S3 or JM Labs Cobalt 816S for a large open room.

First time here so I apologize if this is the wrong place for this.... I am setting up a 2CH system in my living room of my new house and need some input. I need a floor standing speaker that will go in the front corners of the room. The two speakers I am looking at are the B&W 604 S3's and the J ... Read More »



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