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Product Image
Skullcandy 50 50
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  64.00
Description: Rattle your skull with the tenacious tunes and punchy profile of the Skullcandy 50/50 earbuds. You're sure to look as great as your music will sound with the bright and brilliant colorways. On line mic, control switch, and volume control for use with a wide variety of mP3 players and compatible phones. Features Specifications ; 11-mm speaker diameter for some bombastic blast. Cable Type: TPE. In-line microphone so that you'll never miss a call again (for use with compatible cell phones). Comfy tips keep the buds snug inside of your ears. Plug Type: 3.5mm Gold Plated. Magnet Type: NdFeB. Frequency Respnse: 16-20K Hz. Max Input Power: 100mW. Imedance: 16 ohms. Cable Length: 1.2M for plenty of reach. Included ; 50/50 earbuds. Nylon carrying case. 3 sets of silicone tips. Meet the unruly 50/50 bud, a composite earphone that's half mic, half bud, and all boom. With superb fit and a beastly 11mm driver, the 50/50 pumps bass deeper than your bag of kickflip variables, and sound richer than your dirty uncle. And unlike a sketchy 50/50 varial heel-flip, our 50/50 polycarbonate backside mashes the aluminum frontside in perfect symmetry. The Skullcandy 50/50: composite bud, killer odds. Key Features of the Skullcandy 50/50 Earbuds w/ Mic: 20-20K Hz In-line Mic for iPhone and Blackberry In-line volume control 11mm speakers


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