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Product Image
Scosche IDR305md Increased Dynamic Range Earphones
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  39.95
Description: SCOSCHE® Increased Dynamic Range earphones accurately reproduce brilliant highs, silky smooth mids and powerful bass for all musical genres. These audiophile grade earphones have been designed by audio enthusiasts for audio enthusiasts that want to get the most out of their music. Listen and you’ll hear the difference. <P> <ul> <LI>Driver size: 10.7mm </li> <LI>Cable length: 52” </li> <LI>Cable color: Black </li> <LI>Frequency response: 17Hz – 20kHz </li> </ul> <p> Features <p> <ul> <li>Adjust volume by pressing the + and – buttons Control music and video playback; including play/pause and next/previous by pressing the center button</li> <li>Integrated microphone for handsfree conversations, voice command and recording voice memos on supported iPod and iPhone models</li> <li>Navigate playlists and activate the VoiceOver feature on the iPod shuffle 3rd generation</li> <li>S/M/L single flanged silicone inserts provide unparalleled noise isolation and comfort</li> </ul>


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