Monster Cable Solo Headphones

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  • High quality hands-free calling
  • Quick-access music playback control

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what do you think of running 2 brutus brz1700.1 on 2 kicker 15" solo baric L7 D2

So this is wat I'm doing, I already bought 1 kicker SL15 D2 sub which ill run at 1 ohm parallel powered buy 1 brutus brz1700.1 amp. I want to get the 1 sub up and running before adding the other because I am going to have to upgrade my alternator and get a yellowtop. I figured ill run each s ... Read More »

Hi-def video of Gavin Harrison's jazz drum solo on David Letterman Show

[url=]Gavin Harrison - Drum Solo (2nd Week) - David Letterman - HD720p - YouTube[/url] Click the link (or don't). Some of you will dig this. You know who you are.Read More »

Jeff Tweedy I want to see this?

I just found out that Jeff Tweedy is doing a solo show in town in March. Has anyone seen him solo? Is this something that I should go to? Or should I hold out for the next Wilco tour? I've never seen Wilco live (they sell out so fast), does Tweedy do Wilco material on his own. Tickets go on sale ... Read More »

Win a pair of Beats Solo Headphones (by Dr. Dre)

This is a fun sweepstakes: [url][/url] I’m working with HP so if you have any questions - shoot. Basically you register there – and then go on a scavenger hunt (which actually mainly involves watching videos… not jumping hurdles or doing army crawls) on the internet a ... Read More »

Roger Glover's (Deep Purple's bassist) pretty cool solo disc, Snapshot

Wow, this was a pretty groovy find in the cheapo bins at Rasputin's. It's not the best disc in the world, but I've certainly done worse. :ciappa: And a total 180 from what he does with DP. He plays mostly bass, along with accoustic guitar & some vocals, but he pretty much stays in the background an ... Read More »

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