Jabra Wave Headphones

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Product Description

  • Clear call sound with wind-noise reduction
  • Behind-the-ear style for all day comfort
  • Perfect fit with Ultimate Comfort Eargels
  • Adapters for mobile phone compatibility
  • On-cord button control โ€“ answer/end calls

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QA660 - SD Card wave, ape, flac and mp3 Hi-Fi Digital Audio Player

I watched QLS's digital music player for a while. The latest generation QA660 shows the potential to build a cost effective system with Hi-End sound. Any I2S DAC around $1000 for suggestion to match QA660? ● Single-thread framework programing aims at delivering ultra-accurate real time and u ... Read More »

Bose Sounddock/Wave music/Sony ipod docks

I am really not abig fan of Bose (for the home theater system or their floor standers in general), but I might need a little help deciding a gift for someone. I need to spend around $400-$450 and I was looking at Bose SoundDock Portable Digital Music System ($399.99), Bose SoundDock Series II ($249. ... Read More »

First wave of Dream Theater tour dates.

God it's hard for me to not spell that "Theatre". [I]Sept. 24 San Francisco, CA The Warfield (with Trivium) Sept. 2 5Los Angeles, CA Nokia Theater (with Trivium) Sept. 27 Seattle, WA Showbox SODO (with Trivium) Sept. 28 Vancouver, BC Queen Elizabeth Theatre (with Trivium) Oct. 3 Royal Oak, M ... Read More »

NM 156: Are You Ready For The Next Wave?

[COLOR="White"]pixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpix[/COLOR] [COLOR="White"]pixpixpixpixpixpixpixpipixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixipxpixipxipxpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpixpix ... Read More »

EL34 for ASL Wave AV20 tube monoblocks

hello there. new on this forum I would like to solicit an opinion or perhaps advices i recently bought ASL AV20 (6L6) tube monoblocks paired them with tube preamp.i e-mailed ASL's creator and asked what type of 6l6 power tubes that these monoblocks can only accept and he said all types and i can ... Read More »



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