Jabra Rhythm Headphones

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Product Description

  • STEREO headset for music and talk
  • Ergonomically designed headphones for each ear
  • Microphone wind-noise reduction technology
  • 4-pole, gold plated 3,5mm plug
  • Unified control box on microphone

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Who's your favorite rhythm section?

Listening to a bunch of Minutemen records last night had me thinkin' about just how good Mike Watt and George Hurley were together. Sure D. Boon as guitar player and singer got a lot more attention, but these guys were tight as hell. I'm pretty partial since they're one of my favorite bands in gen ... Read More »

Kill Rhythm is better than caffeine on a Saturday morn!

Deep feelings, I'm keeping, still dreaming Now, my secrets out Deep, distant and pure...... What a great album! It really cements that Pink Floyd to My Bloody Valentine connection. And "Fripp" always sounded kind of like a long lost Floyd song to me, even down to the lyrics which are remini ... Read More »



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