Jabra Chill Headphones

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Product Description

  • Edgy design combined with secure comfort
  • STEREO headset for music and talk
  • Wearing comfort with Ultimate-fit Eargels
  • Cable length: 900 mm
  • 4-pole, gold plated 3,5mm plug

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Chill Summer Music Recs

If you enjoy the likes of [I]Cat Power[/I] - you might like [B][I]Zee Avi's - [/I][/B][I]Ghost Bird. [/I]This Malaysian-born indie songstress', lo-fi debut album fits in well on Sunday mornings, and her songs are a little more upbeat than those by Chan. SnowieRead More »

How do you "chill" a "bright" sounding speaker?

As some of you may know I scored some Platinum Audio Studio 3's off of ebay recently. After experiencing the "joy's of biwiring" firsthand (see previous thread), I sat down to listen to these speaks yesterday.I was listening in 2 channel stereo in my living room. I'm running a: Onkyo 898 recei ... Read More »



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