WooAudio 1 Headphone Amplifiers

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Product Description

  • Input impedance: 100 Kilo-Ohms
  • Frequency response: 8 Hz - 100 KHz +/-3dB
  • Power output: 2 Watts

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RadioShack closing 1,100 stores

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Golden Ear Triton 1

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Target to Launch Video Streaming Service By Oct. 1

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Setting up 5.1 speakers

Would anybody like top help a newbie? I have been using a very crap pair of 2.1 speakers. Today I bought a set of 5.1 speakers with subwoofer and an amp. My soundcard is an Asus Xonar D2X (I am using Windows 8). The speakers and subwoofer are Tannoy TFX 5.1. The amp is a Sony STR-DH520 Subwo ... Read More »

Samsung HWF751XS 2.1 wireless sound bar

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana]Hi All[/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana]I recently bought a Samsung TV UA55F8000 with free 2.1 wireless sound bar (Samsung HWF751XS). The retail price is at S$799. I already have Yamaha sound system hence I won't be using it. I am selling it...please let me k ... Read More »



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