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Connecting a home theater amp to a dj amp for more power?

i have a DJ amp and im hoping there is a way i can connect it to my receiver because the output on my receiver is 105w per channel @ 8 ohms. the dj amp is a "PYLE PRO PPA450" Specs: PYLE PRO PPA450 4500 Watt 2 Channel Rack Mount Power Amplifier Features: [IMG]http://dailydigitaldeals.info/wp-c ... Read More »

More power

I am finally in the position to upgrade:)I am looking for an amp upgrade for either just my fronts or a 5 channel.I need more power for my fronts mainly.Currently own a rotel rmb 1095(200x5).Been a while since i posted.Been looking on e bay audiogon etc.The new icepower amps by d sonic seem like the ... Read More »

need more power

hi guys i was looking at my spekaers Kef Q35 floorstanding speakers and at the back of them they got 4 binding post on them and my amp will only let me use just the two off them wich the two that are left over are for pre amping or for a power amp but will i be able to use a power amp with my av 5.1 ... Read More »

How to determine Amp working hard/Speaker needing more power

I have B&K 7270 200 X 7 at 8 ohms and 375 X 7 at 4 ohms power amp and Paradigm Signature S-4 Speakers. The preamps min volume is -96 db. I dont hear any sound from the speakers until -60 db. My max volume is at -15 db. I am not sure If I am driving my speakers/AMP hard. at -15 db I dont see any ... Read More »

more power????

Hi, I am new to h/t and need some help! I have purchesed polk rti-8(fronts) csi-5(center) fxi-3(surrounds) csi-3(s/back) and klipsch sub-10. I also purchesed a H/K AVR-340 rated at 7x55 wpc. I have to turn the speaker levels up all the way or the volume all the way up to get the speakers to "open ... Read More »



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