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Sharp debut 90 inch LCD

[center][img][/img][/center] Sharp Corporation has this week launched the world’s largest LED-backlit LCD television available on the consumer market (at least in the United States). The Aquos LC-90LE745U boasts a 90-inch screen, measuring ... Read More »

Pioneer Elite brand licensed by Sharp

The Pioneer Elite brand is returning to flat-screen TV. Pioneer announced Thursday that the U.S. subsidiary Sharp will license Pioneer's Elite brand for a line of high-end flat-panel displays to be introduced in the U.S. and Canada this year. Sharp hopes that by adopting the brand for high-en ... Read More »

Sharp Troubleshooting

I own a Sharp LC-42D64U and was watching TV when all of a sudden the picture begins to go down to just pixels then black screen. Then the power light and (OPS) light begins to flash green. I cant seem to get a picture now. What the heck happened? and what do I need to do?Read More »

Sharp Aquos BD-HD21

My local surplus shop has a load of these in. They are refurbished. I will find out on Monday if they have been serviced by Sharp or a third party. If it's the latter, I'll pass. If they have indeed been refurbished by Sharp, I would like to know what the concensus is on these machines. I don ... Read More »

Sharp BLU player

My Sony was nice but slow, no net, and I couldn't be sure as to [I]what[/I] kind of audio I was getting, even tho it was great. So I went with one of Sharps new players. Havent tried the brand for awhile, thought it was time. The graphics are cheap, 16 bit, but it loads a [I]lot[/I] faster, and ... Read More »

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