Eddie Current 2A3 Headphone Amplifiers

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Product Description

  • SET topology, C-core output transformers
  • Three input selector switch
  • 100K high quality volume control
  • Hand wired point to point signal circuit
  • Power into 32 ohms 800mW

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Hey Poutrygeist what 2A3 Amp did you get?

I read your post on "What Compromises would you....". Which 2A3 amps did you get? Curious mind wants to know. JRARead More »

300B vs 2A3 vs EL34 vs etc

I have seen different tube amps using different tubes. The most popular triodes being: 300B 2A3 EL34 well...I think they are triodes, not completely sure about the EL34...anyways, whats different between them? I notice that EL34 is the smallest amongst the 3, but that's it. Are they supposed ... Read More »