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Rio MP2100 64 MB MP3 Player
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Description: One of the first MP3 players on the market, the rave: mp 2100 is still a contender with its hefty 64MB on board storage capacity - expandable to 96MB with a flash memory card available directly from Sensory Science in 16MB and 32 MB sizes. With its unique shape, Sennheiser earbuds, and voice recording and phonebook capabilities, the rave: mp 2100 is one of the most highly ranked units on the market as reviewed by dozens of major media. Its parallel port is noticeably peppier than other non-USB players', and you can even record directly from most electronic keyboards or other electronic instruments, features you won't find on any other MP3 player. It plays for 10 hours on a single AA battery (included). Software includes free tracks from emusic.com, playlist manager and CD ripper. Check it out! Another experience from Sensory Science


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