Logitech (980397-0403) Consumer Headphones Earbuds Earphones

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Product Description

Look, no wires! iPod users can now experience a new level of freedom - a wireless Headphone - designed to enhance your lifestyle ever farther than before. Logitech?s Wireless Headphones for iPod use advanced Bluetooth frequency hopping technology for interference free, crystal clear audio. Digital wireless technology provides over 30 feet of range, and rechargeable Batteries can play up to eight hours per charge. These headphones include a wireless Adapter that snaps onto your iPod or iPod mini, plus Integrated controls so you can adjust the volume, play, pause, or select tracks without touching your iPod. This is not an earbud phone but is an over-the-ear design with a stressless behind-the-neck band. It offers superior support in actively Mobile situations yet is extremely lightweight. The power of Wireless Audio is in your control as you hear your favorite tracks through these wireless headphones, enabling you to do whatever and whenever - as you wish.

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