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Product Image
HeadRoom Desktop Amp
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  699.00
Description: Whether you select the basic model or deliciously upgrade to your ears' content, the Desktop Amp is an amazing way to experience your music. <br /> <br /> The center of your desktop-based listening universe arrives in a small-footprint, lusciously curved black aluminum chassis surrounded by protective molded urethane bumpers. The HeadRoom Desktop Amp delivers an integrated solution for all demanding audiophile headphone listening situations in both digital and analog domains regardless whether it's a headphone-only or a monitor-oriented application. So no matter if you connect to an iPod, laptop/PC computer, portable CD/DVD player, HeadRoom Power Amps, pre-amp, turntable phono stage, big home theatre, component stereo system, gamer box, or custom audio front-end, this nook-sized 'made in Montana, USA' HeadRoom rig driving your favorite reference headphones will transform personal and near-field headspace into pure sonic nirvana.


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