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Product Image
NEC MultiSync HT1000 Multimedia Projector
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Description: NEC, whose technologies set the standards in the field of business use projectors, has developed a home theater projector featuring superior functions that incorporate the most advanced technologies. ??The HT1000 is the optimum home theater projector supporting all the requirements for home entertainment. It has a rich variety of input/output terminals to support a wide range of input sources, a PC card viewer function for displaying images from a digital camera, and an Aspect Ratio Selectable function of 16: 9 and 4: 3.??The HT1000 features an Easy Installation, Simple Operation function - innovative NEC technology incorporated into the projector. The white color and spherical design compliment any household decor. In addition, the following functions address both ecology and environmental issues.??The incredibly high contrast of 3000: 1 (2000: 1 when the iris opens) has been achieved by employing NEC's unique optical technology, including a 12 deg and Black DMD chip and an optica...


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