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Product Image
Mitsubishi XD2000U Multimedia Projector
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Description: The Mitsubishi XD2000U DLP projector offers Mitsubishi’s exclusive Color Enhancer technology, as well as DDP3020 DLP™ TrueVision™ Image Processing with BrilliantColor™. With Color Enhancer support, users will be able to experience vibrant colors and truer looking images. It also offers the comfort of a long lamp life of up to 5000 hours and its exclusive 3-year ERA and warranty programs. Combined with a high 2000:1 contrast ratio, a bright 3500 ANSI lumens, a hushed 27dBA noise level and ProjectorView™ for remote management, users will be able to experience an easy to use, bright, quite and high quality viewing experience with the XD2000U projector.


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