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Product Image
Mitsubishi ColorView™ XL25U Multimedia Projector
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Description: Picture quality is guaranteed with the XL25U projector. Three 1-inch LCD panels, 2300 ANSI lumens, XGA resolution (UXGA compatibility) and numerous image processing and enhancement technologies such as sRGB, 3D CineView, Natural Color Matrix and Room Illumination Sensor are combined to deliver it. Other features worthy of notice include ultra-quiet operation (only 27dB in Lamp Low mode), and Live Picture-in-Picture, Digital-Expanded Zoom and Digital Keystone Correction, functions that can be used to add impact to any presentation. ??Convenient is the word that describes the many operation and maintenance-friendly features, like a system remote controller, various input terminals and an easy-to-replace air filter. Optional equipment for improving projector operation and performance is also available.


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