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Infocus LP210 Multimedia Projector
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Description: Whether you're presenting or simply capturing information in a group meeting, you won't want to be without the InFocus LP70. 1100 powerful lumens flood any room with brilliant color and unparalleled clarity. Integrated data, video and audio yield a projector that's ready to make your multimedia presentation larger than life. A full-featured projector is squeezed into a convenient package that won't blow your budget. Overachieving? Maybe. Affordable? Absolutely. A great investment for you and your company, the LP70 raises the bar without raising the price. It's a powerful collaboration tool that makes meetings efficient and more portable than ever. The must-have LP70 combines seamless connectivity, exceptional image quality and rich multimedia performance in an intuitively designed solution. The result? You get the best of all worlds in a smaller, more powerful projector that enables you to collaborate anywhere. There's a reason mine was your first word. An ideal partner to your notebook PC, the LP70 compl


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