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Epson PowerLite® 740c Multimedia Projector
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Description: "Representing more than just the lightest Epson portable 3LCD projectors to date, Epson's newest projector introductions also mark a dramatic change in the way digital presentations and images can be delivered. Epson is proud to introduce two pico-portable, XGA (1,024 x 768) projectors with the 3.8-pound EPSON PowerLite(R) 740c and the especially unique 3.9-pound PowerLite 745c. Both models are the industry's first 2,500-ANSI lumens projectors with XGA resolution to break below the four-pound weight barrier. Their sleek new designs (7.6""D x 10.9""W x 2.7""H) are not only slim and compact enough to carry in most briefcases or shoulder bags, but also include vast connectivity options and quick and easy setup/shutdown capabilities tailored around the needs of on-the-go professionals. High-Speed 802.11g WiFi Connectivity, LEAP-Enabled Security and PC-Free Presenting"


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