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Product Image
Epson PowerLite® 54C Multimedia Projector
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Description: A sleek SVGA performer, the Epson PowerLite 54c offers an astounding 2000 ANSI lumens plus full-featured, user-friendly performance and renowned Epson reliability. Epson 0.7" high-aperture LCDs work with the projector's incredible brightness to deliver accurate color, superior color saturation, and remarkable image quality.??This travel-friendly unit boasts a quick start-up time to avoid delays and make presentation setup easier than ever. To discourage theft, there's even a power-on security function that prevents unauthorized use. And, it offers remarkable connectivity to accommodate multiple sources without a switcher. This innovative product also provides two brightness settings for more cost effective operation. With such remarkable versatility, this powerful projector delivers the quality and flexibility required for critical presentations.


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