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Dell 2300MP Multimedia Projector
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Description: The 2300MP Projector is an ideal combination of high brightness and XGA resolution. With 2300 ANSI lumens (max)1 brightness and a super high 2100:1 (full on/full off) contrast ratio, the Dell Projector projects bright, captivating and stunning images from anywhere in a mid-sized room. This advanced projector features DLP DDR technology powered by the DDP2000 and native XGA (1024x768 pixels) resolution with auto sync to UXGA for sharp, clear projections. With 1.2x manual zoom and manual vertical keystone correction, the 2300MP helps you project that perfect picture. It provides incredible connectivity with support for PC, multiple video and RS-232 inputs and a full range of television and video standards including NTSC, PAL, SECAM and HDTV (480i/P, 576i/P, 720P, 1080i). To preserve lamp life and improve acoustics, an Eco-mode is available which allows 2500 hours of life from the lamp, and a sound level of only 34 dBA. The multi-language On-Screen Display (OSD) allows image adjustments.


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