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Product Image
Casio XJ-350 Multimedia Projector
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Description: The Casio XJ-350 delivers an amazing 2200 ANSI lumens from a minuscule 9"x6.7"x2" size configuration, and weighs only 3.9lbs. It's about the size of a hard cover book and easily fits into a brief case or carry-on luggage when on the road, or carries in-hand for in-house presentations. Additionally, the XJ-350 employs a proprietary new condenser lens and light source lamp which delivers high-brightness images that can be clearly viewed under normal lighting conditions. A 2X optical zoom lens, by far the highest zoom level available for any micro-portable data projector, makes it possible to project onto a screen as close as 32" (0.8 meters)*. This means that the XJ-350 can be used with ease in environments where meeting space is limited. *30" projection screen


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