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BenQ PB8250 Multimedia Projector
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Description: Featuring a native XGA resolution of 1024 x 768 and boasting an ANSI brightness rating of 3000 lumens, BenQ's new PB8250 DLP projector offers exceptional performance and versatility for today's multimedia-rich presentations and business applications. In addition, the XGA PB8250 each feature contrast ratios reaching 2000:1 and compatibility with the most popular video signals, including HDTV, NTSC and SECAM. BenQ's high-quality PB8250 projectors-with high brightness, resolution, and versatile functionality-represent another step in bringing the highest level of satisfaction to our customers. The new BenQ PB8250 digital projectors feature PC-RGB analog D-sub, DVI, S-Video, Composite video and audio, as well as RS232 inputs. They also have digital keystone correction, P-Scan, PIP and four pre-set modes.


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