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BenQ MP720p Multimedia Projector
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Description: The BenQ MP720p digital cross-function projector is perfect for multimedia presentations in both educational and business setting. The MP720p provides the perfect true color reproduction by meeting the sRGB standard (Standard Red, Green and Blue). sRGB colors show greater consistency across different display devices such as monitor, printer or notebook by delivering faithful color images of the projected images. The BenQ digital projector MP720p enables you to show presentations in a bright environment. Along with its bright image come various easy-to-use features such as its nine sets of application mode, which provides instant optimized settings for brightness, color saturation and contrast, ensuring the best performance in teaching as well as other applications such as movie viewing and gaming. Also available is an optional wireless module, LinkPro that allows the user to move freely during presentations without the need to hassle with cables.


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