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Product Image
BenQ CP220 Multimedia Projector
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Description: Weighing just 1.8 kilograms and featuring a footprint roughly the size of a sheet of B5 paper, the BenQ CP220 is ideal for professionals on the go. Despite its compact size, it packs a lot of power, delivering a projected image rated with an exceptional brightness of 2200 ANSI lumens—making for presentations that are easily viewable, even in brightly lit rooms. The CP220's handy off-and-go feature means that after giving a presentation, all you need to do is unplug it and it's ready to go to your next stop—saving you time and sparing you those awkward moments waiting for your projector to cool off. This handy feature is possible because the CP220 has a built-in circuit system that allows the CP220's cooling fan to continue operating even after it is unplugged.


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