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Product Image
Niles Audio Corporation RS-5 Coral
0 Reviews
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MSRP  209.95
Description: Niles rocks are a special breed of outdoor loudspeakers. Each GeoRealistic™ weatherproof model looks as if it’s real granite, sandstone, or coral. Additionally, every model delivers sound quality that is on par with the best high fidelity loudspeakers. The Niles line-up consists of two series, each having three distinct styles, or six models in total. The RS6 Series features a 6-1/2" injection molded TCC woofer and a 1" Teteron tweeter. The RS8Si Series features an 8" dual voice coil injection molded TCC woofer and dual 1" Teteron tweeters and can be used in mono, stereo or single-speaker stereo input “Si” modes. All Niles weatherproof rock loudspeakers deliver the same legendary durability that you have come to rely upon from Niles OS indoor/outdoor loudspeakers. Niles weatherproof rock loudspeakers are just another way to help you blend high fidelity with architecture.


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