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Product Image
Labtec Edge 418 Flat Panel Speaker and Subwoofer
0 Reviews
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MSRP  64.75
Description: The Labtec Edge-418 flat panel speaker system is the ultimate union of form and function. With advanced features like a sleek, super-thin flat panel speaker design, a variety of mounting options and a powerful subwoofer, the Edge-418 system delivers full, rich sound with revolutionary style and efficiency.<br><br>- Next-Generation Flat Panel Satellites: Produce clear high and rich mid-range sound from incredibly thin enclosures.<br>- Desk, Monitor and Wall-Mounting Brackets included.<br>- Wood-enclosed Subwoofer with Max-X Driver: High-excursion driver delivers optimal dynamic range and improved bass.<br>- Power & Bass Control with Real-Time Bass Equalization: Delivers deep, full bass without distortion.<br>- Separate volume control mounts on desk or monitor: Provides convenience and ease of use.


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