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Product Image
Boston Acoustics VR 35 THX Home Theater Speakers
7 Reviews
rating  4.86 of 5
MSRP  650.00
Description: 6 Piece Home Theater Speaker System


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User Reviews

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by El_desconocido a Audio Enthusiast

Date Reviewed: October 22, 2010

Bottom Line:   
I had purchased a VR35 floor standings speakers with VR12 as my center channel and VRP1000 Sub from velodyne to complement my 3.1 HT and used for a year however this review it´s exclusively for the Boston VR35 all i can say worth every single penny i paid for, this speakers have good highs and middles, very poor on the low frequencies and definitely they need a sub as a complement but this is something i expect since they are part of a HT that not necessarily works in a full range specifically low frequencies off the sub (something that escapes from several people that qualified speakers parts of an HT but play them alone or off the rest of the speakers), anyway there are a couple of things i want to share to improve seriously their performance that probably apply for another Bi-wired or bi-amplified floor standing speakers, I hooked up to a Kenwood VR517 100W per channel (i think it is a big lier this can supply 50W or 75Wrms instead) that probably sucks for someone but in my opinion it is more important the way you hooked up to your receiver, it is a 5.1 HT but i hooked up surround speaker to the tweeters and the front speakers to the middle range drives separately, in summary i used 4 outputs of my receiver to make this things work and all i can say it rocks any movie or music, i´m not an acoustic expert but an Electronics and communications bachelors degree so my opinion it´s oriented to those that have floor standing speakers with higher potential than listened with your current connections. You can not supply full range frequencies to high and middle drives unless you use a crossover, (some of the speakers have it, it is important to check users manual before) otherwise you can use 4 outputs with a different equalization to have this beauties rocking in your head and neighborhoods calling you. I know someone prefer to use a pre-amp or active crossover to bi amp this babies but you can save some money by using the 4 outputs of your receiver and have similar results in therms of loud and clearest sound in a 3.1 than a 5.1 option in my opinion and experience. So i recommend Bostons VR series and if you follow my recommendations i could say you will have same results than B&W 600 series, Klipsch RF3 that i auditioned and could cost the double.....saludos!!

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Used product for:   3 Months to 1 year

Duration Product Used:   Audio Enthusiast

Product model year:   1999

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Steven K Ford a an Audiophile

Date Reviewed: July 26, 1999

Bottom Line:   
I just purchased the VR35 and the VR14 as my center channel. Hardly any speaker i listened to could reproduce an acoustical guitar so real, i wish the bass had a little more punch howver i blame this to not having a subwoofer yet and im using a Pro Logic reciever. Dolby digital recievers sounded superb when using these speakers. The VR14 had the brightest clearest highs. I allways had the problem of never making out the dialogue in a movie with my older bose. I even used phantom mode without the center and the VR35 detailed dialogue very good. Im using the VRS Micro for surrounds, however if you have a big frontroom like i do, i would recommend the extra money toward the VRS or VRS Pro. Im very pleased with the THX system, allso placement is crucial for this speakers as they have a
very narrow dispersion rate.

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Duration Product Used:   an Audiophile

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Wisrute a an Audio Enthusiast

Date Reviewed: May 23, 1999

Bottom Line:   
I've heard the complete Boston THX system quite sometimes ago and now I couldn't resist the temptation to take them home. My current non-matching speakers are on the verge of blowing
since I've been watching movies a lot. A local store played the Lost World LD (DTS) through
Yamaha A-1 and these Bostons, and I was amazed how much detail these speakers can handle, along
with great soundstage. The scene where the motor-home was about to fall off the cliff was
produced with great detail and accuracy. Everything that moves, the Bostons will let you hear it.

So I decided to take a set of these home since I own the Yamaha A-2, these speakers should perform
nearly as well as I've heard at the store. I already own a Yamaha sub (YSTW-300) so I didn't go
with the VR2000. I didn't intend to build a full THX system from the very beginning, hence many
non-THX pieces mixing with some THX pieces. All I want is a good set of 'movies' speakers that
will not blow on me after 2-3 years. Since these are movies speakers, I will rate them only and
strictly for what they are.

The fronts (VR35) produces good details on movies like Armageddon, Ronin where things get
blasted a lot. I hear details previously not heard on KEF Q series (previous generation). Lower
frequencies are accurate and controlled. Effects of rain or crowded place are very realistic, also
thanks to the VRS-Pro at the rear.

Just about the same can be said to the VR14 center channel. Dialogue is even more convincing than
before. Voices have more weight, and volume to it. This speaker is big and heavy, but it's a
perfect match to the VR 35. The three front speakers produce very good and accurate frontal slam
on movies like Godzilla and Dragon Heart.

I used to overlook the rear surrounds, but now with the VRS-Pro, that is no longer the case. Its
design makes the speakers disappear, all I hear is accurate and well-positioned sounds. A scene in
Dragon Heart where the Dragon is flying around, talking to the main character in an open field was
produced with great precision. The dialogue is uniform all around in every channel, and the height
of the voice is very convincing.

The subwoofer VR2000 is very very accurate and has more than enough power to handle a large
space. It's in a class slightly above my Yamaha (as far as movies) but it's probably much better for
music also.

I'd give these Bostons a 5-star, including their sub (VR200) which I've heard at the store.

Related equipment:

Yamaha DSP-A2
Yamaha YSTW-300 subwoofer
Sharp DV-880 DVD player (multizone)

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Duration Product Used:   an Audio Enthusiast

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Michael Mock a an Audio Enthusiast

Date Reviewed: April 27, 1999

Bottom Line:   
I have the whole Boston Acoustics THX package, a pair of VR35, a VR14 centre, a VR2000 subwoofer and a pair of VRS Pro dipole surrounds. If you are looking for a complete set of THX speakers then these are the ones to get. Great cinema sound and matches my Onkyo receiver perfectly. If you want a fuller sound for music then I recommend getting the VR40s instead of the VR35s but then they don't quite match the VR14 quite so well.

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Duration Product Used:   an Audio Enthusiast

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Matthew Malone a an Audio Enthusiast

Date Reviewed: January 15, 1999

Bottom Line:   
Boston Acoustics is happy to hear all of the positve reviews of our products found on this site. A point of clarification. The VR35 and VR14 are current THX models. They replaced the 555THX system.
Matthew Malone, Boston Acoustics.

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Duration Product Used:   an Audio Enthusiast

Reviews 1 - 5 (7 Reviews Total) | Next 15

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