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Audioplan Kontrast V
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Description: The Kontrast comes to market in a revised version V in 2007. An advanced tweeter with a newly designed crossover is used. We have consistently applied the latest knowledge of component design and fine tuning in all areas. The loudspeaker has gained a more relaxed sound in the midrange and demonstrates more resolution, focus and credible spatial representation of the entire spectrum. The speaker brings together many positive characteristics. The Kontrast produces clean, deep bass from a compact enclosure. The linearized impedance of 8 Ohm poses no problem for amplifiers and is highly suited for tube amps. The high efficiency is helpful when it comes to the amp power – 20 Watts are sufficient. Thanks to the good balance of all properties, placement and room acoustics are not critical for the Kontrast. Extraordinary results can be achieved even under the most difficult acoustic conditions.


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