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Product Image
ViewSonic VX2435wm 24 in. LCD TV
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  730.00
Description: ViewSonic's VX2435wm widescreen LCD transforms your desktop into an ENTERTAINMENT CENTER with the full 24" widescreen display. WORK MORE PRODUCTIVELY on the expansive desktop real estate. PLAY MORE INTENSELY with HD games, movies and videos in their native format. HDMI, DVI and more video connections let you select the best input source for your digital entertainment. ClearMotiv® 8ms video response delivers broadcast-quality, full-motion video. The ULTRA-HIGH 1000:1 CONTRAST RATIO (typ) and high brightness produce remarkably bright, rich colors. Integrated digital speakers and VESA® wall-mount compliance reduce desktop clutter.


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