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Product Image
Syntax LT37HVS 37 in. HDTV LCD Television
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Description: With its exquisite Olevia LT37HCS 37-inch TV Syntax has transcended the concept of television and turned it into an art form. You will enter a world created with masterful brushstrokes of vivid color, incredible brightness, and sharply defined blacks and whites. A palette of such stunning, uncommon beauty that you will be emotionally drawn into the middle of the drama as if you were one of the actors on screen. This beautifully styled Olevia LT37HCS features 16:9 widescreen ratio, Built-in HD, 1200:1 Dynamic Contrast, Wide XGA 1366 x 768 native resolution, 800-nit high brightness and a blazing fast 8ms response time. Combine these extraordinary specifications with generous 178-degree viewing angles and you've got years and years of unforgettable viewing. Experience the art of television - purchase the Olevia LT37HVS 37-inch LCD television.


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