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Product Image
Soyo SYTPT3227AB 32 in. LCD TV
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Description: SOYO SYTPT3227AB 32 Inch HD LCD TV. SOYOs flat panel, HDTV 32 in LCD TV delivers stunning picture quality to home entertainment and adds an elegant touch to any decor. The entire family can enjoy a wide range of multimedia entertainment options, including broadcast, cable and satellite television programming, as well DVD and VHS movies, video and online gaming, and surfing the internet. Built in surround sound speakers complete your home entertainment experience. Incorporating advanced imaging technology features such as 3:2 pull down, progressive scan and digital 3D comb filter that bring you larger, clearer pictures, the 32 in LCD TV features two powerful, built in 10 watt speakers that deliver stereo surround sound to complete your home entertainment experience.


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