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Product Image
Polaroid FLM-3732 37 in. HDTV LCD Television
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Description: Get the sharpest picture and the sleekest design with this beautiful, ultra-slim Polaroid 37” HD LCD TV. Featuring HDTV and a high definition ATSC tuner, you can enjoy amazingly clear progressive-scan video when connected to a HDTV cable signal or a compatible DVD player. Catch every moment with the two-tuner Picture-in-Picture (PIP) feature, which allows you to view a TV channel and a DVD/VHS movie or two TV channels simultaneously. High contrast, high brightness ratings, a wide viewing angle, and compact design let you position your new LCD TV for perfect presentation anywhere in the room. Built-in speakers with simulated surround sound deliver ultra-crisp but booming stereo sound. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of a detachable TV stand, sleep timer, closed captioning, and a full-function remote control.


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