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MSRP  700.00
Description: Olevia by Syntax takes LCD TV performance to an newer viewing level for crystal clear viewing at angles up to 178 degrees. A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel is made up of liquid crystal material, which arranges itself to either let light pass through or not. Each Pixel contains the three primary colorsred, green and blue. Traditional Liquid Crystal material allows for direct viewing, but at wide viewing angles the image is distorted. TN liquid crystal molecules when switching ‘on' and ‘off,' tilt out of the viewable plane (see Fig 1- TN Mode). When the display is viewed at an angle, the brightness, contrast and color distorts. With IPS mode, the liquid crystal molecules undergo a switching mode that keeps the molecules within the viewable plane (see Fig 1 - IPS Mode). The result is that light passing through; whether in ‘on' or ‘off' position is not distorted or altered when viewed in any angle as opposed to TN mode.


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