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Product Image
Marantz LC1510
0 Reviews
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MSRP  1599.00
Description: Don’t waste valuable counter space with the bulk of a “portable” CRT based TV in your kitchen or bathroom, in the galley of your boat or the bedroom of your motor home. Slim down with the new LC1510 flat panel LCD TV from Marantz. Whether mounted under a counter, on a wall or in the included swivel base, this 15” diagonal, 2 3/4 ” deep display device opens up a whole new world of viewing possibilities. The LC1510 is extremely flexible. Designed with a built-in cable ready tuner and stereo speakers, it can be used as a complete stand alone television or it can also be used as a compact, bright computer monitor with XGA resolution. By incorporating the latest in TFT and LCD technology, the LC1510 achieves a level of contrast previously found only in professional imaging monitors. You will appreciate this improved picture quality when viewing higher definition sources from Satellite Dish, Progressive Scan DVD and DTV programs. To get the “skinny” on the new LC1510, visit your authorized Marantz dealer today!


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